how do i renew my handicap parking permit in nassau county ny?

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Answered: Terranea,CA Resort charging handicapped parking stickers, is that

I would question this practice - & file a complaint.

Answered: Handicap Placard/ Parking

If you have a handicap placard from California and you currently live in California you can park in any handicapped designated parking space in the state of California. An HOA can not tell you which handicapped spaces you can use. They are risking a lawsuit under the federal law which grants equal ...

Answered: Handicap parking permit

contact your local DMV Office.

Answered: Handicapped parking permits --how do I find an application form

You can look up your local license place registration department in your county. You may not be able to do this on line. Give them a call.
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Here is the web site from the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles. You should find your answer here.

Parking for the handicap

thanks oaklandkids

Handicap Parking Permit

from your doctor

How do I obtain application to renew my handicap parking permit

Going to your DMV website most likely and I believe your doctor files out that paperwork. You may have to actually visit the DMV local office.