How do I remove underline and color of hyperlinks?

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Answered: How to remove hair color?!!?!??

Try L'Oreal's Color Zap for a quick at-home reversal of your color blunder. This easy-to-use kit works after one application, gently removing dye from your hair while leaving your natural hair color intact and ready to re-color. This product works even on permanent hair dye. Health Tips

Answered: Recently, when I get a hyperlink in an email, when ...

I think rather than try to reset something on your computer, you might be better off just copying the link to your clipboard and pasting it in the web url on an already opened page.

Answered: Hyperlink

Hi Jim: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I hyperlink a word in AOL Mail?

Answered: Gum swelling 2 weeks after Wisdom Tooth Removal?

WebMD examines common problems with the gums, including soreness, swelling, and bleeding. Learn possible causes and find remedies to help keep your ...

Answered: Microsoft Publisher hyperlink question

This Microsoft article should answer your question: "Create a hyperlink in Publisher that opens in a new window"
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Why does my aol underline emails when I hit reply

Yay!! Just got this annoying problem solved thanks to an AOL tech! Here's what you need to do: Open up to write a new email. Down in lower right corner click on SIGNATURES. If you have a signature set up, go to SET UP SIGNTURE, then click DELETE signature. Do a restart of your computer, and ...

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