how do i refresh my registration code for a sony bravia tv?

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Answered: Sony Bravia looses half of picture when viewing HD channels

Check in your TV's menu to see if you have the picture mode and size and all set up right for HD. All I can tell you. I have a SONY Bravia and I've been totally happy with it. But if your settings are off, it can do strange things. If you still have your user's manual, check to see the recommended ...

Answered: Sony vcr/dvd combo code

Could you put the model # of the VCR/DVD combo SONY unit that you want code for.......Pleast!

Answered: Television Set

You can have a look at the products at They have a huge range of products for you to select from. Online tv shopping would be a simple option for you in this case as you can just select your product and have it delivered at your place with the click of a button. You can choose ...

Answered: Is it too late to find great deals on LCD TVs now that Black Friday is

No my friend, there is always Cyber Monday, I think you could check out some Cyber Monday Deals here

Answered: Which TV's are better: LCD or plasma?

I think both Televisions are good. Brand name does not matter, its feature that matters fo rme HDMI port matters the most so that i can attach my Google Tv device with me. I suggest you to Buy Google TV device too as there are many advantages like Google TV device support wireless keyboard ...
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Sony Bravia 40 inch lcd tv

Hi i support bonestructures answer. I actually have the Sony Bravia 40 inch lcd tv and it is amazing! The quality is absolutely superb! If you want to get it i'd say you buy it from amazon, thats the best place. There are 127 positive reviews on the Sony Bravia 40 inch lcd tv , from happy ...

Are all philips 40 inch tv lcd screens the same

And yet another brilliant reply from Elden.

Can anyone help me find these 2 old TV commericials?

I found the first one. It was for Jergens. I still need to find the second one.

Which Sony lcd tv should I buy? I am looking for something under $2500

You can buy Sony Bravia 46" LCD HX820 series HDTV.Its Price is low as only $2339.99 but you can receive the actual advantage of TV by purchasing Google TV device with Television.Make sure that HDMI port should be attached with television.Goole TV device is a all in one machine for computer and ...