how do I recharge my ac on a lexus gx470?

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Answered: 1998 suburban 2x2 5.7

Google the owners manual.

Answered: Anyone have a phone number I can call to retrieve ...

Are you saying they have an unlisted phone number and you can't just call and ask them for the number of HR? I find that hard to believe. I think you're just lazy.

Answered: 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 quat cab A/C not Blowing hard as it should!

under the glove box take down fan has about three screws and you will then find a little door that has broken off inside there , remove that piece and put fan back on thats what we did with ours the air was only trickling out but we heard it blowing that broken door blocks the air

Answered: Lost keys 2006 lexus gx 470

call any honda dealer, they should be able to direct your call for customer support. ;)

Answered: Lexus AC vent

Instructions Digimaster 3 1 Sit in the driver's seat. Place the nylon pry bar between the side of the vent and the dashboard. Push back the pry bar to pop the vent out of the dashboard. Pull the vent all the way out of the dash. 2 Pinch the center of the middle vent, right above the stereo. Pull ...
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