How do I raise the handlebars on a 2010 Schwinn Ranger bicycle?

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Answered: Schwinn excursion what does 700c stand for

It's refers to the tire size. A 700C has a 622mm bead diameter and a 27" has a 630mm bead diameter. I think 700c refers to the nominal tire diameter of 700mm (650c has 650mm tire diameter). I'm not sure what the letter refers to (there's also 700b).

Answered: Upright handlebars for a mountain bike?

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Answered: Lemon schwinn - what is it? my daughter asked for one for Christmas

Thank you so much. I was wondering if it was affordable. Thanks again. Bonnie

Answered: Bicycles

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Answered: What the dirrerence between a 650x23c and 700x23c ...

The 650 and 700 refer to the outside diameter of the tire inflated on the wheel. In other words, the 700 is slightly larger and will give you a higher speed for the same revs at crank. For flatland riding that's better. - If you are doing much hill riding, the 650 is better. - 23 is a medium ...

Answered: How do you lower a schwinn bicycle seat?

Bend over, look closely at the seat, there should be a lever, push or pull it, up or down while pushing on the seat, which I believe was created by a sadist because they are ass busters. There ya have it......................may I add.......................GOOD GRIEF..............and you are ...
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