How do I raise the handlebars on a 2010 Schwinn Ranger bicycle?

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Answered: Ranger the Fool is 58 today on April Fool's Day!

Ranger was a well respected poster who was chased off by hysterical hags.

Answered: Schwinn excursion what does 700c stand for

It's refers to the tire size. A 700C has a 622mm bead diameter and a 27" has a 630mm bead diameter. I think 700c refers to the nominal tire diameter of 700mm (650c has 650mm tire diameter). I'm not sure what the letter refers to (there's also 700b).

Answered: Upright handlebars for a mountain bike?

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Answered: Lemon schwinn - what is it? my daughter asked for one for Christmas

Thank you so much. I was wondering if it was affordable. Thanks again. Bonnie

Answered: How do you lower a schwinn bicycle seat?

Bend over, look closely at the seat, there should be a lever, push or pull it, up or down while pushing on the seat, which I believe was created by a sadist because they are ass busters. There ya have it......................may I add.......................GOOD GRIEF..............and you are ...
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