how do i put my dick in a pussy?

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Answered: What a pussy Lester is

So, tell me, why are leftists all so stupid they can't pass the eighth grade? You saw the questions but can't answer them. Why are you that stupid, Tadpole?

Answered: Is a girl's favorite fantasy getting her pussy eaten?

Tadpole-steve-Bonestructure-Thomas Johnson-all the sme poster. IPA

Answered: Loose pussy

Get laser treatments or have it surgically tightened. How did it get so loose? Have a 20 pound baby naturally you give women a bad rep. I don't think I like you. You are right down there with road kill.

Answered: Do Columbian men have big dicks?

lol i would but i don't wanna waste my time if its not, lol
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You chaps should become more familiar with international law, particularly the Geneva Convention. The Convention does not grant terrorists the safe conduct of Prisoners of War. In any case, those who use terror as an extortion gambit are so evil that they deserve to be tortured -- having done so ...

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On line look up pizzellie maker order it off the enternett

I was sucking pig dicks with Rocmike and missed holiday bowl game.

on time warner "find" but took a lot of searching.