how do i mix dudley's dazzlin dye coloring?

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Answered: Gold ritz dye

Are you referring to RIT dye?

Answered: What are the pros and cons of using at home dye kits?

Nair ... for pubic hair ... to be politically correct in bikini. :) Rob

Answered: Is there anything other than hair dye that I can use to color my hair

There is a natural product called henna. but it does not wash out and can not be removed by color or lifting it has to grow out

Answered: Whats the best way in which to pick the best hair dye colour for me? I

Based on the information you provided, you might try adding some low lights to your hair color.

Answered: Can I redye my hair after a week? I had it colored red and I hate it.

Would you like to dye it another shade of red or dye over it? It depends on the condition of your hair but you should condition it well if you dye it again. I think it should be fine but you might want to do a strand test before you do the whole thing again. Good luck!

Answered: Can I use Procion Dyes on my white hair?

You shouldn't have any problem using this type of dye on white hair.
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It smells better than other brands of dye.

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Try searching the yellow pages online to get some information.