how do i make the print darker on my computer screen?

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Answered: Fixing the screen of the pc and the contrasts, i believe it is

Windows 7 Operating system for me. If your using Windows 8.1 you should have said. ---------------- When you turn your computer on, right click the empty desktop. Screen Resolution. Set it to 1360 x 768 ---- Landscape. Click Apply --Apply again. Since your using your TV as a monitor you will have ...

Answered: Will not print web page

If I select all and go to File at the left top and click print, my cannon printer will print. So your problem is not with AOL.

Answered: Screen Too Dark

Laptop ? I can't give exact directions because my notebook motherboard died. Anyway -- start button -- control panel -- see if down at the bottom an icon for mobility center ? Check all parts for slider bar to brightin. I did a Google search and found this ----------------------- http://windows ...

Answered: Printing Stationery

MS Word prints documents, transparencies, and envelopes. MS Publisher does far more.

Answered: Print Consultancy

You can contact with and
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