how do I make my sliding glass door slide smoother?

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Answered: Sliding glass doors

I don't think that would work, but you could reverse it (frame and all) so it opens on the other side. We had to do this with ours at one time.

Answered: How to weatherstrip sliding glass door

This web site has the answer to your question.

Answered: Need Sliding Patio Doors with Blinds Between the Glass

Personally I would choose JELD-WEN for sliding patio doors . They seem to have a better reputation than Pella.

Answered: I would like to know if they sell the strips you peel and stick on the

you might check with a place like lowes, or home depot. If they dont carry it ask them if they know where you might find something like that, and they should be able to help.

Answered: Replacement sliding door for the Outer Banks, NC

Different types of doors made from different materials are available at .They have a vast experience in fixing doors. They also offer best after sales service.

Answered: Please Help

It may be possible to get the door out by lifting and tilting it, or by removing the trim pieces that hold it in place when the door is closed. If this doesn't help. Your local trusted handyman should be able to figure it out when he sees the problem. Normally you shouldn't have to tear a pocket ...
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You can contact SCHOTT Glass manufacturers ( ) SCHOTT is a multinational, technology-based group of glass manufacturers and developers. This company has been running over 125 years worldwide with around 17,300 employees who are committed to providing customers with more ...

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Door panels are held on with clips and have to be pried off or screws that can be hidden under something that has to be pried off. Go to a body shop and ask some one, they worst they can say is no.

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As far as finding really nice, high quality sliding patio doors , I would check out JELD-WEN. To find a good contractor to do the install, maybe check with some neighbors to see if they can recommend anyone, or the local building department.