how do i know when my sinus infection is breaking up?

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Answered: What causes a sinus infection to occur?

The most common causes of a sinus infection are: 1. A virus 2. Bacteria 3. A fungus 4. The common cold 5. Allergies Thus, knowing the various causes of a sinus infection can help you take the necessary steps to prevent getting it. Source: ...

Answered: How soon can you be diagnosed with a sinus ...

If you're not prone to allregies, could be a sinus infection. Is the stuff thats coming out of your nose and throat green? If its like a nasty green like pus color, you could have an infection. I would go to Doc ASAP. In the mean time Drink lots of fluids, Vit C etc. You know the drill. Grab some ...

Answered: I have had sinus problems for years and I've been ...

chew like " chewing gum ", Bees wax, the chemicals within honey 'soke' with the wax comb and is very good for you. Scope a 'baby' spoon of the wax and chew it for 5 to 10 minutes EVERY DAY without fail. don't sowlow the wax. spit it out. if you do swolow, it will not hurt you. It will pass in your ...

Answered: How to get rid of a sinus infection without going to the docyor

Hey Jackie- It's my understanding that a sinus infection is the result of bacteria infection in the left or right (or both) Maxillary Sinus'. Any Bacteria infection is best dealt with a regimine of Antibiotics. Comman Rx might be Augmentin, Penn VK, Amoxicillin, etc. Possibly stronger if you've ...

Answered: Sinus Infection

Yes, there are a few ways you can treat your sinus infection by adopting home remedies for sinus infection. 1. Perform nasal irrigation on a daily basis. You can do this with a plastic syringe or a neti pot. ...

Answered: What do you take for a sinus infection?

Advil & Benadryl. If they are stopped up - I take an eyedropper & squirt a little warm salt water up into each nostril to turn that stuff loose & let it flow out of there to help give you some relief.
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I recommend Exedrin Migraine. It works really well, even for very strong headaches. My sister gets very bad headaches and this almost always is the cure. Good luck. If this doesn't help, I would recommend seeing a doctor. They can give you something stronger.

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sometimes, certian antibiotics don't do the trick and you have to try something different. go back to your doctor and see if you can try something else, or what he/she recommends.

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Wow thanks for all the replies. Mighty kind of you. Has anyone heard of Balloon Sinuplasty? In my QUEST FOR KNOWLEGE I was forwarded this link. Sounds interesting: -------- be well