how do i know if my impala has bluetooth?

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Answered: I do not drive my 96 ss impala that often runs then the battery goes

looks like you have to get a new battery for it ~mike Hypertech

Answered: Bluetooth.

TO RESET YOUR aoem gw-bt-002 you need to switch on the bluetooth handsfree and press down in the middle of the volume button till the lights frash red and blue intermitent then search for bluetooth divices as nowmal on your mobile till it picks the aoem gw-bt-002 up. hope this helps as it ...

Answered: My phone is not reconizing my bluetooth.

Maybe if you bought some stuff from vsfvhdbfh, it would start working. I must admit, that I do not see how a commercial ad is supposed to help your situation. I took mine to the AT&T Store. I have become technologically impaired with increasing age. Good luck! Jay

Answered: How to setup bluetooth for nokia bh-208

Sorry David, code should be "0000". Roxanne

Answered: 2007 Ford Sreestyle Bluetooth Compatibility

Not sure. Try asking a cell phone representative.

Answered: Bluetooth hearing amplifier set.

Hi, It is available a Hearing Aid that when you bring the Handset close to the Ear the receiver it detects it and you can hear,when you move it ,you can hear other sounds. Larry A&B Center
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Dragon™ Bluetooth® with yahoo messenger

Should cause no problem. Just set your output sound device to the headset. As long as the headset is well paired with the laptop, yahoo messenger "doesn't care" which brand is it.

Where did the term Bluetooth come from?

As far as I know it is named after a Denish (Denmark) Pirate who according to the legends had a blue tooth.....