how do i inject pseudoephedrine?

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Answered: Where can I buy Synaditen injection?

Amazon ,where I can buy the Synaditen

Answered: Air bubbles & injections

That is why air is expelled from the needle after filling with medication. Air in the vascular system blocks circulationleading to all sorts of problems even death.

Answered: When do i inject

i'd try neither. it's very dangerous and not worth it.

Answered: When injecting my shoulder for spot training shall i inject one or both

I have no experience in this type of thing, but aren't you doing this under the supervision of a doctor or a trained medical person? I would think this is the person you should be asking this type of question.

Answered: Injections vs pills

I would not try a prescription drug of that choice, considering the side effects and the side effects it may have on your prostate. Try a more natural supplement. I use Lexaryn at and it has worked above all

Answered: What happens if an injection is given IM when it should have been given

Sub Q (under the skin) is used to get a drug into the system If a drug is to be injected IM - it means inner-muscular and is probably a drug that is MEANT to be released into the system over the course of several days..if NOT weeks. Injecting a DRUG Sub Q, when it's supposed to ...
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Betamethasone Injection In Pregnancy

This will help the baby's lungs mature faster in case there is preterm labor. Usually it's given if the Dr. fears preterm labor, but I wouldn't worry. If your Dr. says it's routine at his office, then there probably isn't anything to worry about. I haven't heard of any adverse side effects, although ...

I'm having an MRI with injection and I'm a ...

48 is not overkill. It can take quite a while for the injected contrast agents to completely leave your body. It depends on how well your kidneys are functioning. For the sake of your baby, it is better safe than sorry.

I have asbestosis and have many MRI exams. Does the injections to

You need to ask you doctor this question. He/she knows you best, and is therefore best qualified to give you the best answer.

Do the local injections around the eys before an eye lift hurt. How

Injections usually hurt anyplace even if the person is very good at giving injections. The question is how much, will it feel like a pinch or a jab. Usually sensitive areas are more painful and the Doctor should have that answer, hopefully he will be honest. And depending upon your pain threshold ...