How do I get vanilla extract stain out of clothing?

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Answered: How do I make vanilla extract?

I make pure vanilla with vanilla beans and vodga. You can find the beans in your local market, usually in the dried spice section. To one (1) quart vodga, add about five (5) large beans. I use a quart jar. Tighten lid and let stand about 4 weeks. Shake jar about once a week. Strain through ...

Answered: My daughter just got a grease stain on her very favorite t-shirt. What

Just for the record this may help: You can use lemon to remove grease stain. This is very effective. I've learned this from my Asia travel.

Answered: I always like to wear clothes that are latest and I like to know what is

In present fashion world everyone wants to keep up to date with latest fashion or trends. So don't worry to choose latest or trendy clothes, simply browse that provide latest or unique design of clothes at very affordable price. Yepme is India's largest online fashion brand that provide ...

Answered: Hop sackin' the cloth

Maggie- I figured that after a day, if anyone knew what this question was about, they would have given you an answer. Vlad sackin' the village.

Answered: Deck sealant stains

I would think any detergent would get it out. If not, go to Home Depot and ask someone in the respective department what they would use.
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How can i tell if a stain on a cloth is blood

If it has dried up alread, it should look more brown than red. It is also a bit crusty. If you fold the cloth, it doesn't usually fold easily because of the dried blood. You can get rid of it through the use of hydrogen peroxide and salt.

Oil stains on clothes

Using dishwashing liquid can help. This also helps remove oil and grease from your dishes. I suggest pre-treating the stained areas first with dishwashing liquid. When the oil stains come off, was your clothes in your washing machine using warm water settings. Use mild detergent and you are good to ...

Who carries CM Shapes Petite Clothing?

You can go to hooneybuy website

Clothing stains

Try mixing one cup of lemon juice, one cup of baking soda and 3 cups of warm water. Soak the affected area of your clothing with this solution overnight. This should get rid of the masking tape stains. The next day, wash your clothes using warm water setting of your washing machine. Use liquid ...