how do i get rid of hard hematoma on lower leg?

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Answered: Persistent leg pain after cardiac ablation procedure

I'm sure you have checkes with your doctor by now, but if not you should! The intense pain sounds like a Charlie horse..which h after a procedure or surgery can ne a sign of DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis. I had it after weight loss surgery and the pain was nearly unbareable I found this thread be I ...

Answered: Hard money loan

If you are looking starting a business by taking loan then apply for your hard money loan through It has about 10172 verified lenders to lending money to start a business. It is best for your because you can apply here for hard money loan with a short and simple application ...

Answered: I have dark scaly spots all over lower legs and would like to have them

Use some keratolytic agents containing salicylic acid and some emmollients and moisturizing agents that would work well on your condition. Details about your conditions with a pic would make it easier to diagnose your condition. could u give some more details.

Answered: Sudden stumbling, lower left leg not working

well.. most likely your difficulty in walking is due to your stroke.. if i were you i'd take an MRI scan.. it is possible that you had a 'minor' stroke again.. and this might also be the reason why you can't walk normally.. have it checked by your physician.. the ankle thing can also be another ...

Answered: How long does it take a hematoma to dissolve? I had a bruise on my hip

Angela- I thot that I explained what I thot. I understand the words of your question, but in light of my previous post, I do not know what you are asking. Could you take another shot at it? JayR

Answered: How to lower very high blood sugar numbers

I doubt very seriously that you are insulin resistant, but it could happen. It would help us very much if you could give us a detailed account of what your daily caloric intake is. Maybe you could just list the food that you eat and what you drink, including alcohol, if any,
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I am guessing here. I think that there is little difference. The inverted should be a bit higher simply because of the dependent position that one assumes to do this exercise.

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Can a hematoma in the lower leg (unbroken skin)result in septicemia.

Leg Hematoma, Lower Leg

Why is there a Hugh lump on my lower leg from a fall?

My guess is that it is a blood clot (Deep Vein Thrombosis), which can cause a lump, tenderness, and a swollen leg. It could break loose and become a pulmonary embolism, which can cause sudden death.