how do i get purple chalkboard paint?

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Answered: How would janitors remove the paint from a blackboard?

Try a very basic solution like LYE. If you're smart, you'll try a small area first, wash it off to nutralize the lye. If all goes well, you have your answer.

Answered: What rhymes with purple?

Hurple and Curple rhyme with purple! Hurple is a Scottish word that is still used in Scotland. It means to hobble, or walk with a limp. Curple is a strap under the girth of a horses saddle to stop the saddle from kicking forward. And then of course there is Nurple!!

Answered: Lincoln Park at Christmas pencil painting by James ...

There are Art Galleries around you that you can show it to and get a free opinion of what you have.
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I am not sure that Big Lots has the desire or ability to do this.

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