how do i get my picture from myspace to my ipod?

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You have to go under settings and change the picture from there.

Answered: What to do is someone posts pictures of me on myspace, against my

This is actually one of the biggest problems with the social networking sites. You really have very little control over who uses your pictures. There is a new privacy setting on facebook (I'm not so sure about myspace because I don't use that site) that allows you to show as little or as much as you ...

Answered: How to put pics of my friend on my myspace page

You need to use the insert function. There is a tutorial under the Help section that will clearly describe how to do this. I recommend checking it out. Good luck!

Answered: Jennifer Viele pictures?

Did you try looking for videos instead?

Answered: Melinda England's racy MySpace Pictures

No, it is not the teacher's responsibility to raise anyone's children. Parents are supposed to raise the child and the teacher is to formally educate them. That is part of the problem with our societal view of the education system. Everyone thinks that they should send their kids to school and let ...

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you can get a free image editor like gimp. lookup gimp its opensource.
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A lot of people are experiencing this because they sync their ipods as a storage not with itunes. Save your songs into the itunes folder and sync your ipod there. Used + Refurbished iPods