how do i get my dog to mount me and will it hurt?

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Answered: What to do ? My feelings are very hurt and I feel judged

I would recommend finishing your last day then don't work for her again because she dose not seem to understand the meaning of private vs public information , if chose to share or need to share about your disability to them because it might affect your work , Bosses by law are suppose to keep ...

Answered: Which one is your favorite dog breed ?

I love Papillons. With long-haired chihuahuas second.

Answered: Dog Food

I think three times a day is good. but you's better not feed too much for your dog.
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Could you please tell me name of the food that we should avoid feeding

Chocolate, onions, grapes, macadamia nuts. Garlic isn't too good for them either.

U Tube- How to Mount a !/2 Strutting Turkey Gobbling standing on a Turkey

Yes she was mounted and stuffed a lot, according to history. Disclosure: This is conjecture on my part, as I never mounted her.

Dog'a Colored poop

The first thing that comes to mind is rat poison. I've heard that since the little blocks of poison are greenish, the first sign is colored poop. But then you have to take them to the vet asap to be able to save them, because if you wait for the bleeding symptom to start (it could take a week or ...

Where is my dog

Where is my dog Video, see comment