how do i get from 130 manor way rochester hills 48309 to 5685 cobb creek rochester 48306?

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Answered: There's ways to avoid booze.

Rocmike how stupid are you. Only someone like you who has the mind of a child would think that someone is going to post then follow it up with porn pictures. That would not only show that he posting it but would make him out to be the stupidest person in the world. Rocmike you already have that ...

Answered: Cleaning up creeks

Cleaning creeks of derbis well help the water flow incress the groth of plant life,that water fowl and fish depend opon to this would also better the health of the genral public........this is like asking why do you keep your house clean,Think about it ..

Answered: Is the Hills a go0d show?

Watch it and find out

Answered: Creek/Stream

I really do not know much about why the creek has no fish in it anymore other than to suspect pollution. Try calling the mayor of your town for help. Write, email or maybe try to call his office. Or try your congressman, senator, etc. But keep trying. I am happy to know that you are concerned ...

Answered: Do you think Lauren will ever make her way back onto reality

I think she is smart to get out of the reality show sector. She is too talented at fashion to let reality tv have the chance to hurt her career.
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I would like help identifying the implications of hepatitis in cobb

I don't know what you mean by the implications. Why would they be different in Cobb County than in any other place. Are you saying that you think the location a person lives can effect whether they get hepatitis? It's an interesting theory, but I really know nothing about this. Good luck with ...