how do i get Facebook gsn games free tokens?

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so that i can post the games and badges on Facebook. So that all my Friends can see that and know where to go. That they may play also.

Answered: Where can i get free tokens for facebook games

You mean like stuff to buy ingame items in facebook games? You could try and take surveys on the internet - some of them reward you with credits for facebook games. Or you could try and enter in the paysafecard promotions to win paysafecard credit since that's usable with almost all facebook games ...

Answered: Facebook problem!!

It is a must to have a phone number to verify your Facebook account. You can take your friends phone number to verify your Facebook account.

Answered: What is the value of limited edition ten dollar gaming token from four

$10 Gaming Tokens (stamped .999 Fine Silver - with an outer brass ring) generally contain 0.60 oz. of Fine Silver, which is the center portion of the token. So - whatever the going Spot Price of Silver happens to be (it fluctuates daily) multiplied by 0.60 = the approximate melt price. This however ...

Answered: Where to sign up and get free Pogo tokens. TY

i don't know of any "real" free site for tokens or gems. they all appear to be scams to hijack your account so don't go to them. the only way to get tokens & gems is on the actual POGO site.
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