how do i get dilaudid prescribed to me?

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Answered: How many MG can a DR. prescribe a day of methadone ...

Ohio Pharmacy Bd mandate: You can have 40mg methadone a day or other schedule 2 drugs equivalent to 80mg morphine. I have been cut from 60mg to 40mg over last two months.This is their agenda:get pain meds off the streets at the expense of real chronic pain patients. Please, if this affects you or a ...

Answered: What will happin if i take trazadone even tho it's not prescribed to

You should never take medicine that is not prescribed to you, especially something like trazodone. If you need an anti depressant, go and see your doctor.

Answered: Why would a doctor prescribe setriods to a woman?

Steroids include the anabolic steroids that build bone and muscles, but they also include sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen, and corticosteroids that are anti-inflammatory. For a woman with joint problems or arthritis, corticosteroids like cortisone might be prescribed. Corticosteroids ...

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Answered: Is it illegal to order dilaudid over the internet?

Dilaudid is a Schedule III narcotic and can not be dispensed without a doctors prescription.

Answered: What makes adderall diffrent from methylphenidate ...

Hi Faith. Would you get a little more specific on the reactions your son had as his chemicals/ hormones changed? My son is on concerta (ritalin family) and we've recently been having issues. Doctor is wanting to add antidepressants but that answer doesn't feel right to me. Looking for back up ...
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What medicines can mdalinge prescribe

mdalinge Who or what is this?

What is morphine liquid prescribed for?

The higher strength of morphine liquid should be used only if you have been regularly taking moderate to large amounts of narcotic pain medication.

Dilaudid too strong?

2-4mg every 4-6 hours is a typical dosage, depending on the physical size and condition of the patient. There may be other considerations. The tablets should not be broken or crushed, as this will cause them to be absorbed too quickly. Dilaudid should not be taken, if the patient is using alcohol ...

Can you take zomig and dilaudid together

If I had them, I could, but I would not. Dilaudid is a C2. If you did not get this from your doc, then the DEA could be breathing down your throat in a heart beat. Zomig is in the tritan class of medications, of which sumatriptan was the first. It is a selective serotonin receptor agonist and its ...