how do i get a stuck plunger out of a syringe?

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Answered: When I worked at McDonald's, I almost took a plunger behind the counter

You would have grossed out anybody who saw you. Plus, a Health Inspector probably would have shut the store down until disinfecting procedures were performed to his/her satisfaction.

Answered: I need rectal syringes

Here are 3 companies that have what you are looking for.

Answered: Medical syringe pump for few (4) independent syringes

The CMA 400 looks just like what your are looking for.

Answered: Stuck Icon

Unfortunatly I had to go to system restore, which worked, unfortunatly I had not backed up last weeks work, so puff it's gone. Let that be a warning to ya'll, BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM FREQUENTLY

Answered: Cheat the treasures of mystery island I am stuck ...

you need to go to the hunters cabin and put the brown bottle in the tool box. When you do that the glue bottle will appear. Then you apply the glue on the wood mounted on the wall that has one of the deer horns broken. Once you apply the glue place the horn there and it will stay.

Answered: My dog has a bone stuck in his bowel the vet said ...

OMG! How did this work out? Is your dog ok?
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You might want to try straightening a metal hanger and putting a "u" at the end. Try to get it down the drain--if the underwear is close, you might be able to snag it by turning the hanger. If not, you probably need a plumber. Good luck.

Taking syringes when traveling

boarding a plane with a syringe may be a problem it will be taken on board with a medical certificate and not always ( 9/11 etc ). but further more I do not think it is necessary unless you are going to treat yourself. most doctors in developing countries have sterile instruments for visitors , they ...

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Location of pharmacies that sell syringes without a prescription.

You don't NEED syringes without the prescription of a licensed physician. If you are diabetic, take allergy shots, etc., you need syringes, but they are dispensed ON PRESCRIPTION.