how do I foreclose on a vendor's lien in the state of alabama?

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Answered: What is a state tax lien

Liens exist in order to collect what is due from debtors who simply refuse to pay what they owe. They exist in these varieties and Courts may place liens in other categories if they must: *Contractor liens. *Child support liens. *Tax liens (any taxing entity has the right to impose these liens ...

Answered: Collecting a lien on foreclosed property, procedure

Hi Dave: You can have a good paralegal, such as AFTER HOURS LEGAL, LLC., located in N. Las Vegas, NV [702-647-4148] prepare a "Lis Pendes". A Lis Pendes, is a legal document for "a lawsuit pending." It is a written notice notifying the public that a lawsuit has been filed involving either the ...

Answered: Can i put a lien on property i put a down payment on and the seller

If there is no transfer of ownership to your name, then you can file tax lien.

Answered: Forecloser

You can find out it by just ask or send a request letter to your foreclosure agent. Homes For Sale | For sale By Owner | Foreclosures

Answered: What is a forecloser how does it affect me.

The legal proceedings initiated by a creditor to repossess the collateral for loan that is in default known as foreclosure. Homes For Sale | For sale By Owner | Foreclosures

Answered: If my eldery mom moves to Florida and requires medicaid assistance for

Get her Humana Gold Plus ....It covers everything 100% 96 dollars is taken from your SS check monthly.....Good luck this is unique to Florida does not exist let say in NY!
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