how do i find out the total number of songs in my itunes library?

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Answered: How to export files form iTune library with minimum size

Try to use Daniusoft media converter pro to help. You can have customization files.

Answered: Can you download any songs for free at itunes?

Download Free Music, Videos & Movies On iTunes

Answered: How do I sell copyrighted songs on itunes? +

Answered: How do i get the itunes playlist without an ipod

you simply download the itunes program at

Answered: Itunes transfer

dear norine,why not try this program ,it can transfer video and audio files from iPod or iPhone to your computer within 5 minutes.
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You may take a look at this step by step guide, it will teach you how to copy all music and video from iPod back to computer or iTunes, including the non-purchased music (such as CD music, downloaded songs), it's safe and works pretty well for me. It will keep the songs play information - rating ...