How do I find out if the FBI is investigating me?

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Answered: Investigation

please i need a answer i need my money o may iphone i paid $ 24900 please

Answered: Obstruction

The term "obstruction" or “obstruction of justice” encompasses a wide-range of conduct prohibited under federal and state laws, including the destruction of evidence relating to a criminal investigation and/or prosecution. A non-exhaustive list of other conduct prohibited by federal laws on ...

Answered: A Whistle Blower's need to know

The news never mentions the investigator by name but I'd think if you called the FBI office in DC they could tell you.

Answered: The FBI is definitely an interesting job but what ...

Use this web page to search for the job that you are interested in.

Answered: What does a private investigator do?

They investigate your privates. You can find one or more of them in just about any bar that's a low-class dive, where the low-lifes hang out.
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Are the feds investigating me

They should be contacting you very shortly.

i would like to know where i could find info. on new york private

Vinny, I have looked for a free copy of the Private Investigators Exam guide, but unfortunately I was unable to find it. There are however two websites that are full of resources that you my find valuable. The first is and the second is . All you have to do is ...

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What is defined as "obstruction" to a federal investigation?

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Just hire Private Investigators . The investigator will take care of everything.