how do I find out if natural gas is available on my street in Bridgewater Massacusetts?

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Answered: Can I hook up a LP gas fire place to natural gas?

The gas fire will need to be originally made for use with LPG as the jets are different sizes. Have a look on this website as they sell LPG gas fires

Answered: When will natural gas become the dominant fuel in the US?

The answer to your question is soon. With improvements on how to extract natural gas, it is becoming much more prevalent. The U.S. already has one of the highest reserves in the world. With the technique of fracking (hydraulic fracturing), natural gas is released from shale rock thousands of feet ...

Answered: Which stations have gas in Hendersonville, NC

Therr is gas at the shell station on spartenburg Hwy. but only premium

Answered: Natural gas mining.

Does anyone answer?

Answered: I have built a distribution system for natural gas ...

Are you sure the lines from the gas supply source to the lamps are large enough. You only have ounces of pressure after the pressure regulators. YOu need to consider the length and diameter of the lines to the lamps. If the lines are large enough in diameter, you might consider having the gas ...
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Where can I get the best price on natrual gas?

As far as I know, natural gas is supplied by local/regional gas companies through pipelines to distribution facilities. I do not know where you might obtain natural gas at a price lower than your local distributor. Also, I know of no means by which you might transport such, if you were to find it ...