How do i find out if my vehicle registration is valid?

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Answered: Can I report a vehicle that has expired California tags? Owners have

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Answered: Pedestrian struck by vehicle on Tuckahoe Rd. in Sewell, NJ Nov. 7, 2014

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Answered: How much is the fine for violation of vehicle code

California VC 21456b is about pedestrian violation of Walk/Don't Walk; it would cost you $197.

Answered: NY transfer of registration and plates of deceased to next of kin

Currency exchange,if your father didnt sign the title,you sign his name,date it when he was alive. I did this on the car I own now,keep it simple.

Answered: Where can I find my nj vehicle registration number

No person shall drive a motorvehicle which do not have a license plate frame or identification marker holder. You can get your registration number from NJ department of motor vehicles.
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Is there a definitive answer to the question of where you should keep

right behind your drivers license. why is this a mystery ? and never leave it in your vehicle either.


If you are planning to open a company first of all registered your company name.

Out of state vehicle registration

Hi Ronda, If you live in another state for six months or more, you need to register your car and plates. You also will have to get a new drivers license. Good luck in your studies. Sparky's Mom

Different type of vehicle .My registration says its a truck but it is a

For legal purposes, vans are considered to be trucks.