how do i file small claims court in CLAYTON COUNTY georgia?

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Answered: With property damages can i file for punitive damages in small claim

Defined:: Monetary compensation awarded to an injured party that goes beyond that which is necessary to compensate the individual for losses and that is ... What you asked:: With property damages You must proof that you brought it, own it, most of all the other person damaged it. In most states ...

Answered: How to value personal property in a small claims action

If the court awards the full $5,000.00, you loose the difference of the value of the car. If the repair is less then the "Blue Book" value of the car (no matter what you think the value is ), is it worth loosing the car. sometimes the courts demand ( make you ) pay for the car, or pass it to the ...

Answered: Winning in small claims court due to defendant no show

Yes, the can file an order to show cause and have the case put back on the calander. They have to show what the reason was that they were unable to make the original scheduled court date. You can usually postpone 2 - 3 times in most cases twice depending on circumstances

Answered: What is the small claims court?

Small-claims courts resolves small amount claims from a private sector and the claimer mesothelioma claim

Answered: Free form for MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION in small claims court

i'm looking for a respond form to a motion to enforce cr2a agreement form for washighton state? also where can i get the form?

Answered: I was recently a defendant in a small claims suit ...

Unless the plantiff has at least 2 witness maybe but with out written statements it's their word againsts yours no proof no case
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sounds like you have a chance of winning, but if the person already gave you a bad check, what are your chances of getting paid even if you win? Just filing the claim costs money and if they force you to get representation that will cost even more. However this person shouldn't get away with what ...

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You own the property that was damaged so I think you are the one to file the claim.