How do I export my aol contacts into Evite with aol 9.7?

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Answered: AOL 9.7 lost connection.

help, help why aol lost home connection

Answered: How to go back to aol 9.7 revision 4343.1028'

Don't Know what you mean but I'm just starting out here on aol answers so I'm staying with questions that have pictures because if I'm going to show my picture iwant a picture in return at this time .That's all

Answered: How can I EXPORT my AOL contacts into Outlook 2010?

Log in to and click 'Contacts' then select Tools and click Export. This will allow you to save your contacts to a .CSV file which you can then import into Outlook.

Answered: Why can't I delete my aol contacts from my email address book?

I have no idea about it. But why you want to delete your contacts? Well, if its that important then you must try to adhere some real knowledge from any software engineer. I hope he will help you to the utmost. To know more about the same visit:

Answered: How to change AOL 9.7 Desktop default browser to Chrome?

If you are reading mail in AOL and click on a link, I think you only get the AOL browser. And I found that in AOL, the right-click menu does not have Save Target As. However you can use to read mail through another browser like Chrome, and then clicking on a link should give you a tab ...
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Mine have too (I was just going to post this same question)