How do I delete books from my paperwhite Kindle?

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Answered: How do I delete books I've read

It would certainly help if you had told us what in the world you were talking about. Nook? Kindle? What?

Answered: I have 90 books on my Kindle Paperwhite I need help

Are we supposed to guess what you need help doing? Be specific, otherwise you're just wasting your time.

Answered: How does kindle work

It's a spiritual thing. You have to be naked.

Answered: How do I edit (delete) a contact category in my address book

Hi Winston: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. AOL Address Book Features

Answered: What is:" books on kindle?" Please explain as clearly and quickly as

Amazon has come out with two more upgrades of their ebook reader "the Kindle". They have quite a few books you can buy for the Kindle. Once you buy a book for your Kindle, Amazon keeps a record of it and if you delete it by accident, you can download it again. They are quite handy and can store ...
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