how do i defuzz my microplush blanket?

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Answered: blanket

i would recommend you a china blanket supplier , china is the good textile city and their balnket is also good, the site is:

Answered: Electric Blanket

I think google know, you will find a lot of electric blanket company on it.

Answered: When in bed, I need a device to lift the blankets at the foot of the bed

Gop to a medical supply store, you know, where they sell wheelchairs and crutches and the like. They do make devices for the purpose you need. I don't know what they're called, but I have seen them.

Answered: Where to buy blankets that you put arms in

Yes, these are called Snuggies and you get them from their website Blanket

Answered: Is it very difficult to make your own baby ...

It is very easy to make a blanket for baby. You can buy fabric on line or at your local quilt shop. Patterns are also available.
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for me, i think it is not advisable to have another blanket on top of the electric blanket. cold

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I have searched it using google but i havent encountered good results so i have stop it. i think you should try using other search engines for attaining good results. america