How do i darken font on my computer?

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Answered: How to enlarge font on aol

AOL 9.7 - at the left top - Settings - Customize AOL - Text and Fonts. This is for sending emails. To receive email with large text have people who send to you increase text size. You can also use FastStone Capture.

Answered: How do I move hidden fonts in Windows 7 to a new ...

Open the Settings charm in Windows 8, then to Control Panel, select Appearance and Personalization, select Folder Options, then you can select Show Hidden Files and Folders. When I go back to the folder where I had copied all of the fonts from my old computer and placed them on the desktop of my ...

Answered: What's the name of this font?

Bauhaus 93 is pretty close...

Answered: Change font on aol 9.7 e-mail

At the very top of your Aol 9.7 page click on Keyword (go to Keyword), type in the word: Fonts, and then it will show you step by step how to change the default fonts and change and size fonts.

Answered: Computer

Here's Microsoft instructions for .NET 3.5 SP1:

Answered: Fonts

I'm to lazy to look up the meaning of what you asked. Do you mean this - Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of ? whatever. If so click the I and also in this message board.
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Larger font size

Pick out what applys to you. -------------- For outgoing email - Open AOL - at the top before you sign on - Settings - Fonts and Text - make your changes and CLICK SAVE ----------------- Sign on to AOL - at the top - Settings - Customize AOL - Text and Fonts - make changes and ...

My fonts or screen letter size remain in large ...

Keep pressing Ctrl key on your keyboard and scroll the wheel in the mouse (between left & right buttons). For each scroll, you can see the font size decreasing / increasing. You can leave scrolling when your desired font size arrived.

What are the best web fonts?

I like arial or san-seriffs.The The letters are simple, and easy to read, and compressed so they take up less space.The letters are small but not too small to make it difficult to read. Example, I changed my pages from verdana to arial and it went from 120 lines to 70 lines. I could tell the ...

How to enlarge mailbox font

In gmail you have formatting option. In that you can set the size of font as small, normal, large or huge.