How do i darken font on my computer?

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Answered: How to enlarge font on aol

AOL 9.7 - at the left top - Settings - Customize AOL - Text and Fonts. This is for sending emails. To receive email with large text have people who send to you increase text size. You can also use FastStone Capture.

Answered: Change font on aol 9.7 e-mail

At the very top of your Aol 9.7 page click on Keyword (go to Keyword), type in the word: Fonts, and then it will show you step by step how to change the default fonts and change and size fonts.

Answered: What's the name of this font?

Bauhaus 93 is pretty close...

Answered: Fonts

I'm to lazy to look up the meaning of what you asked. Do you mean this - Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of ? whatever. If so click the I and also in this message board.

Answered: How to enlarge mailbox font

In gmail you have formatting option. In that you can set the size of font as small, normal, large or huge.

Answered: New computer - font stinks. colored letters overlap the black and the aol

You need to be more specific with the problem and its symptom; however windows font issues occur due to the DLL/Driver problems in one’s computer. You need to check your windows DLL/driver software and upgrade them. If this is not the issue, then look out for some virus infection that might have ...
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How do I change font and size

Open AOL but don't sign on. At the top - Settings - Fonts and Text.

Anyone know where I can get Gatsby Script Font or is there a look

It took me 5 hours of going through every script font on, but I found it. It's called Prints Charming.

Free Fonts

if you are a teacher, the #1 stop is . In a newsletter that I received today they say they are giving next week 2 free Autumn Fonts. They sometimes give cursive, writing fonts....

How do I encrease the size of the fonts in E mail?

Open AOL - at the top settings - Fonts and Text size. Or after your sign on to AOL IT'S = at the top Settings - Customize AOL - Text and Fonts.