how do i changed the font size on my huawei ascend m860?

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Answered: How to enlarge font on aol

AOL 9.7 - at the left top - Settings - Customize AOL - Text and Fonts. This is for sending emails. To receive email with large text have people who send to you increase text size. You can also use FastStone Capture.

Answered: 'How do you change the size of the fonts in address book 9.7'?

Its right here for you... Enjoy!

Answered: Font size

Best way to understand how to do it, without too much written explanations. kadnor

Answered: Font change

You can change the size, but the font is set by the message sender.

Answered: How do i increase font size in reading pane ?

Are you using a web browser or the AOL software?
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Restoring former (larger) email font size

Ctrl+ scroll wheel. Just turn the wheel in the opposite direction.

Font size

Click the Start button - type - magnifier It should be on the list for Vista and Windows 7. Open the picture of a cog Wheel and set the percent to 50% you can now use the plus or minus sign to make changes. It will change 50% each click on the signs. Also put The magnifier Icon in your Taskbar for ...

How do i change font size /

AOL 9.7 sign on - at the left top - Settings - Customize AOL - Text and Fonts

Font size: I'm unable to change the font size when composing an email

Change the Default Mail Font in AIM Mail or AOL Mail To change the font, font color and font size used by default for new messages in AIM Mail or AOL Mail: Follow the Settings link in AIM Mail or AOL Mail. Go to the Compose category. Pick the desired font, font size and color under Default ...