how do I change ring tones on alcatel flip phone 568?

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Answered: Put cingular prepaid on verizon prepaid phone

thank u for ur help...the only reason i wanted a verizon phone in the first place is because i wanted a chocolate lol and cingular dont have them

Answered: How to formatting a nokia cell phone?no software hands only

To format the Nokia Cell Phone is easy. There are two options of formatting soft format and hard format. Suppose you have Nokia N73 cell phone to format it you just need to press the * key, dial key and the 3 key at once and then follow the instructions coming on the screen. Formatting process for ...

Answered: I want to send special ring tone to my girl friend on valentine day, any

ok may want to try these ringtones here can please her with this and a whole load of other gifts too wanna? Anyways u dont spend a dime for these lovely ringers !

Answered: I just bought several ring back tones. I do not ...

Unless you obtained this thru your carrier, I am thinking that there is fine print that will result in your being screwed (Meaning that you will have to pay for them.) . I am sorry for you if this is the case. Out in the West Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl. Night-time ...

Answered: Kepping old phone #

Just ask company.Yes it's possible

Answered: How can i change my phone number

I would think you should go through your phone provider.
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there are loads of sites which give you free ringtones ...various varieties around too! I loved the tones over here ...found them easy to download as well free of cost ...give these a go !!!

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