how do I change my husband's name on a car title to mine after he passed away?

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Answered: I have a mobile home and I need to change it over in my mephew name how

They have a pink slip like a car and you can turn it over at DMV. I'm sure there will be a tax he has to pay.

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Exactly the same way it's done in every other state. You petition the court for a name change.

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Your Old x husband will need to be removed from the deed. If he agrees without any objections all you will have to do is go to you local Title Company. They can draft the docs. Deeding the property in full in you name all he has to do is show it was deeded for a small $10. Then once you ...
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Yes, I went into my local AAA office & they added her on the spot. I believe they can hand you the official title at that time but since my car was up for renewal I had to wait for the title. They did however hand me a receipt and I was told that it was a legal piece of paper showing her added on ...

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