how do i become a conductor for the lirr?

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Answered: What size servicde conductors for 3 - 100amp 120/208 service?

It will vary according to your location. Different states and even cities have their own electrical code standards. Best thing for you to do is contact a local electrician or your local govt electrical inspector. The company you intend to purchase your power from should know the answer, also ...

Answered: How to be a train conductor?

Here's a great link that details how to become a train conductor.

Answered: Can a conductor also be an insulator?

No it cannot. They are two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Answered: Two long parallel conductors carry equal current i in the same direction

So far we have some good answers. Next let's consider inter-electrode capacitance. If we have sufficient voltage to induce a significant current in the neighboring conductor, we develop a resonant stray voltage, which can cause long parallel lines to shift phase relationship.

Answered: Who is the train conductor that hit dorwart?

He should remain anonymous - you can guarantee the poor guy will never forget this tragedy!

Answered: DUI Rafael E Campos

Need a date. Saw something weird in Baldrich
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Show that dielectric constant of a conductor can to be infinitely

SAAD, I am sorry to bear you bad news, but dielectric strength is hardly infinite. Coronal discharge around power lines shows that air (when used as an insulator) builds a scalar field that can extend eleven feet from the conductor at 500,000 volts. Any scalar field can resonate and transmit ...

What is condition of a conductor that displays some resistences when

It 's a 'semi-conductor' or some kind of diode.

What is smallest conductor you can phase?

what is the smallet conductor you can phase? schedule of concerts in

Here is the calendar of events .