how do i become a conductor for the lirr?

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Answered: Why are lightning conductors used to protect tall buildings from the

The answer is contained in your question. "to protect tall buildings from the undesirable effects of thunderstorms." Not very bright, are you?

Answered: How to be a train conductor?

Here's a great link that details how to become a train conductor.

Answered: What size servicde conductors for 3 - 100amp 120/208 service?

It will vary according to your location. Different states and even cities have their own electrical code standards. Best thing for you to do is contact a local electrician or your local govt electrical inspector. The company you intend to purchase your power from should know the answer, also ...

Answered: Can a conductor also be an insulator?

No it cannot. They are two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Answered: Who is the train conductor that hit dorwart?

He should remain anonymous - you can guarantee the poor guy will never forget this tragedy!

Answered: DUI Rafael E Campos

Need a date. Saw something weird in Baldrich
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What is the required ampacity of a copper feeder conductor supply load

the way to answer this is to work backwards from the load. the load will determine the amps needed and then you need to size the wiring to this figure. it will also need to add for load drop if the wire is long run to the appliance. the more amps required the larger the wire and lower the guage. 14 ...

Show that dielectric constant of a conductor can to be infinitely

SAAD, I am sorry to bear you bad news, but dielectric strength is hardly infinite. Coronal discharge around power lines shows that air (when used as an insulator) builds a scalar field that can extend eleven feet from the conductor at 500,000 volts. Any scalar field can resonate and transmit ...

What is condition of a conductor that displays some resistences when

It 's a 'semi-conductor' or some kind of diode.

What is smallest conductor you can phase?

what is the smallet conductor you can phase?