How do i apply for medicaid for another state if i have medicaid already?

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Answered: Is a 401k considered an asset when applying for ...

For more information about asset protection I would like to suggest you to Universal Wealth Preservation.

Answered: If my eldery mom moves to Florida and requires medicaid assistance for

Get her Humana Gold Plus ....It covers everything 100% 96 dollars is taken from your SS check monthly.....Good luck this is unique to Florida does not exist let say in NY!

Answered: My mother paid me rent will that disqualify her for medicaid

NO!, she would have to pay someone rent to live. Now if YOU are receiving some kind of government assistance, then you would have to look into it for yourself.

Answered: Medicaid qualifications from state to state

There is no reciprocity between states, but the regulations from state to state are usually similar enough that someone who has qualified in one state should be able to qualify in another. If, however, the qualification in the first state required advanced planning and attorney assistance for ...

Answered: Applying for medicaid

thanks for your help. I try that.


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Can you be on medicaid and not lose your home

Depends on your state's laws. California--- yes, absolutely. Check this out: It is directed at California, but it might give you some good info.

Medicaid for the elderly

Medicaid is inefficient program if you are expecting assistance for long term care. Please be reminded that this program is specially designed for people below poverty level. if you have assets more than Medicaid's asset limit, you are compelled to spend all your assets first. This is one of the ...

Can i buy or add better coverage on my medicaid

I am assuming from your question that you only carry Medicare and none of the add'l Medicare Plus insurance policies. If that is correct, you can buy add'l insurance to Medicare called Medicare Plus. It is offered by a host of insurance companies -- Humana, Aetna, et al -- and they offer insurance ...