How do fossils tell us about Meteor Strikes?

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Answered: How would you know if you had a piece meteor rock from space? Or where

This is a good guide on how to recognize the rocks:

Answered: What can fossils tell us about movement of the plates in the past.

Fossils are a very compelling evidence which tells us that ages ago, all continents were attached into one ultra continent called Pangaea. As a result from movement among tectonic plates, continents began to drift, and still are. Identical fossils on different continents which are suspected to have ...

Answered: Workers Rights During Strike or Lock Out

You should read you union contract and speak to a union rep. Union contracts differ.

Answered: Will the meteor shower be seen in North America?

A good answer u will find here:

Answered: Fossils in Israels, where to start?

Hi, 1. I know that there are relatively huge amounts of fossils in the Ramon crater. 2. I saw them with my eyes (eye witness). 3. I don't know to classify more (what specific fossile type). 4. Have no Idea if it is legal or not. 5. Today this area is very dry (seldome rains) but once ...

Answered: Meteor or not?

well im 11, but if im right, meteors have metal in them, or something like that, so try using a magnet! good luck! P.S. a meteor burns up in mid air you could, like, never find a ROCK-sized meteor! but good luck!
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