how do criminological research and experimental criminology impact social policy?

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Answered: Research help

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Answered: Research Paper

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Answered: Where does Criminology play a part in Terrorist?

Terrorism has been around as a major nuisance to governments as long as recorded history. The Bible advocates terror, assassination, and annihilation in several places (see the book of Numbers and book of Joshua). Regicide, or the killing of kings by rivals, and the brutal suppression of ...

Answered: Where can one work with an academic degree in criminology if he does not

Perhaps a law office would have a position as a paralegal that you might occupy.

Answered: Radiometric Dating

Carbon-14 dating is good for up to 20,000 years, maybe 50,000. It might be used by archeologists and anthropologists. Uranium-lead dating might be used by geologists. It can be used to the age of the earth. Half-life is the length of time it takes for half of the atoms to decay. The U-238 decay ...

Answered: True experimental design

If I know the answer that I want and do the experiment, the experiment will give me the answer that I want. Those damn true experiments might not agree with me.
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Social science

It's difficult to say, because these are new sciences. But they were ancient premises. Demography could be said to start with Malthus (beginning 19th century), Economy with Adam Smith and Ricardo (same time). Sociology's premises with August Comte, Karl Marx, but really with Emile Durkheim ...