how do cortisone shots effect menstrual cycle?

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Answered: Menstrual cycle

You can discover below - "Uterine Bleeding", "Vry heavy Menstrual Flow" and moreeeee:

Answered: Why would teen miss menstrual cycle?

Besides the ones mentioned by PGroot above, some sort of hormonal mess-up because of medication interfering with the hormones could also be a cause. If you've started some new medication/drugs in the past month, try stopping.

Answered: What did women use for menstrual cycles 100 of years ago

THey never used anything .. they were almost without clothes on them . no question of using anything ..

Answered: Can sex or being sexually active delay a women's menstrual cycle?

Only if she get pregnant as a result of having unprotected sex. So basically, no.

Answered: How do I restart my cycle after early menapause natrually.

From everything I have read, I don't believe it is possible. I recommend this page - maintained by a woman who was diagnosed with high FSH, who researched every possibility. Wishing you all the best, Rachel Inbar

Answered: I have taken allergy shots since last September ...

Yes, Migranes are a dangerous side effect of allergy shots--that they don't tell you about and if you are sensitive. I even asked the Nurse because I almost passed out the day after my allergy shot--and she said it wasn't related. Now my health is declining and I blame the allergy shots for ...
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Tips to relieve my menstrual cramp pain effectively

Most researchers agree that PMS is a “biopsychosocial” phenomenon with a complex etiology. Certain physical and psychological symptoms recur regularly at the same phase of each menstrual cycle. Every woman with PMS suffers a different set of physical and emotional symptoms. Symptoms and their ...