How do a friend an old girlfriend on Facebook with my other friends knowing about it?

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Answered: George Fernandez Old Town, ME friend and friend

If you're looking for someone, pay a site and look him up yourself. I don't do it for free. Most of you that look for people, just pay someone, if it's difficult for you.

Answered: Are we friends

You seem to lack any grasp of what "Friendship" is and seem to be unable to read who is your friend and who is not. You ARE "friends" in the limited sense of FACEBOOK if he has "liked" you there … but that's just internet superficiality; it does not mean much about real friendship. Sounds like he ...

Answered: How do you see someone facebook page if you not there friend

There are so many problems with facebook images containing viruses, trackbots, and spambots, that I refuse to go to that site. It is directly linked to AOL Answers in that one must go to My Settings, then Facebook, then uncheck all the boxes, then save settings, not to be linked to that ghastly ...

Answered: What does it mean when someone has to get used to being your friend

I knew that and my answer reflects that. I've seen your other questions about this same person as well.

Answered: What plant/flower to give as gift to old friend that have not seen in

Of course I agreed Flower is the ultimate gift to express your self, forever. Now a days various online stores available who gives home delivery service. You just call and register your order and the proffessional ( Florist) send flowers to your special one. Last month I use Flower Station online ...

Answered: My friend doesn't want me talking to this guy who likes me because they

Your friend is a petty, jealous bitch. Now think about that. If this guy was hot on her, is he really good enough for you? I don't think so. Find someone who deserves you. And maybe some better friends.
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