How do a friend an old girlfriend on Facebook with my other friends knowing about it?

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Answered: How old do you gotta be to make your own choices in louisiana

How old doyou wanna be or are you making thenm already.Of course your making your own choices we all make our own choices throughout our lives

Answered: The man is my best friend

See, thing is, the person you commit to SHOULD be your best friend.

Answered: How do i get rid of my jealousy? i had a friend at ...

What is she when your not at work? Only kidding..My cousin that has the fattest ,ugliest retart known to humanity and he's pretty familiar with her.He has allways taken very good care of her and all she wants is his money so she can be a big shot to minorities.You never know what retarts can do to ...

Answered: George Fernandez Old Town, ME friend and friend

If you're looking for someone, pay a site and look him up yourself. I don't do it for free. Most of you that look for people, just pay someone, if it's difficult for you.

Answered: My close friend has leukemia. She won't eat ...

Cancer is complicated emotionally, physically and psychologically. It is addressed by those who are treating the patient...or should be. Living with someone you hate and living a life you hate is one of the reasons people succumb to cancers of all types. Of course not eating right throughout ...
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Clicking on a group won't affect what your Facebook friends see. It just affects what you see on your home page. Here's a procedure to limit status updates ("What's on Your Mind") so that some friends can't see them: Go to "Settings" at the top of the page. Select "Privacy Settings." Click on ...

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