how did vermont get its shape?

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Answered: Do you own shape-up shoes? I keep seeing them ...

Shape ups are great they are really comfortable and they do work but your muscles will feel sore for the first week or two but they do work if you use them regularly check the reviews

Answered: Tips to be in shape...

To be in shape, you have to maintain a good routine. Follow these tips: Exercise daily. Eat healthy food. Get enough sleep. Avoid alcohol. Avoid fatty foods. Source:

Answered: Vermont eviction of Deadbeat tenants

Join the Vermont Apartment Owners Association - As a landlord it's worth every dime, plus they are the best lawyers in the state as far as landlord/tenant issues go!

Answered: How Do YOU Get Back in Shape?

Damn, I'm still trying to figure that one out.
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Do sketchers shape-ups really work to tone up your legs?

i'm really tempted to buy these trainers, or possibly the Reebok alternatives. a few friends of mine have had a lot of success with them, but as Debt Free said, they apparently make your legs ache!! I don't know about you though, but i really like it when my legs ache, it feels like i've had a ...

Republicans saved Vermont, AGAIN!

The little Tramp, why does this name and the fake Marine's name along with many others go to the Facebook profile page of the person who you claim is dead? This means that you are not dead and still posting under your many aliases as we can all see.

I need to know what a gemstone shape is called ...

Unfortunately it is very hard for me to visualize this cut without the help of a picture. Even then, people are inventing new cuts every day.. The ones that make it to widespread usage are named after a time, however, my gusess is that for now at least, your stone would fall into the "freeform" or ...

How to get a renters handbook in vermont?

Tenants | Vermont Rental Housing Codes - Similar to Tenants | Vermont Rental Housing Codes It covers the obligations of both tenants and landlords throughout the rentalprocess, from beginning to end. This information comes from Vermont lawsand ...