how did they film space scenes in big bang theory?

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Answered: Is Penny on The Big Bang Theory the real big bang? She has a Seven Eleven

is "Penny" the latest of Hilary Clinton's "street names?" Most prostitutes use them, but you can always identify them by their tramp stamp. Too bad Hilary Clinton is too far gone to remember what name she is using when she walks the streets these days.

Answered: The Big Bang Theory is the worst crap I've ever seen. There's nothing

I have always thot that the Big Crap Theory was the worst Bang I've ever seen. Uncle Frank

Answered: Big Bang Theory-At the moment the universe was created, how can you

There are a number of posssibilities, but limited probabilities. The most obvious one is that there was "something" prior to the Big Bang for which we can not account or measure. As explored in the book compendium, 'The Evolutioning of Creation' - Volumes 1 and 2, the conditions required for a ...

Answered: What is unital design theory

a new design idea for penises (UNIT)?

Answered: What is this Big Bang of which they speak ...

Big Bang cosmology is definitely far too complex for barbarians likle Physicalist to understand therefore let us go to the truth instead of atheism. Backtracking from our present rate of expansion about 13.7*10^9 years, we see the universe stuck away in a space about the size of a neutron, having ...

Answered: Is Sheldon of Big Bang Theory a breath of fresh air on television, an

Why would you need to alter my opinion? That means you want everyone to have your opinion so you're just as bad as me if not worse, Old Yenta. And is there ever a question you don't answer? You really have too much time on your hands.
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Explain the Big Bang

"existed"? Y r u using past tense? Anyway, i guess i'll have 2 take ur word 4 it. =)As i said, i'm not a scientist- not even close. =)

Is Bonestructure the inspiration for the Sheldon character on The Big

Never seen the show. Though I do like Kayle Kuoco. Is that her name?

Black Hole Big Bang

A black hole starts out as a star, which is very large. Stars give off light because of the nuclear reaction in its core. This reaction produces massive amount of energy resulting in extreme temperatures. The motion of particles increases with an increase in temperature. The kinetic energy of ...

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