How did the Soviet Union react to Hungarian demonstrations in 1956 (1 point)?

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Answered: If you cross the picket line can the union vote you out

When we went on strike in 1995, one guy decided to work as a scab. When the strike was over, his union membership was revoked and he didn't work there anymore.

Answered: What if you are incarcerated on the day of the committee meeting for

It is the same as when you are incarcerated on the day of garbage pick up or the Israelis blow up some more terrorists in retaliation for unprovoked missile attack on one of their cities. Your ass is locked up. Actually, I think Bro Bill has come closer to the answer that you were seeking. I could ...

Answered: Can a union president make a sole agreement with management without a

I agree with postmaster it depends on what is being negotiated. If indeed it is a disciplinary involving one or more persons then an agreement can be reached in the interest of that person/s but if you are negotiating an employment agreement or a variation to that collective agreement then that has ...

Answered: Can a closed shop union have seperate contracts in ...

It is a private company contracted by these counties. It falls under public labor not county. The problem is we all work for the same corporation, same exact office bosses union same exact job clock in and out same place you must be in the union to work get our vehichles from same place they even ...

Answered: Should Obama Listen John F. Kennedy?

As you should kc, as you should. MRD
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Not when you quit. You quit your job and now the people should pay you to set at home?

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