How did the Military vote in 2012 presidential election?

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Answered: Would you vote for Donald Trump?

YES! A President with balls!

Answered: Cheaters! The Presidential election 2012 ...

If Obama had any say in the matter, we would have no hope at all because he is a Muslim therefore a compulsive Taquiya lying con artist, drunkard, and stereotypical Middle Eastern flesh peddler wannabe. Obama is now out of the loop completely. He does busywork any ombudsman could do two or three ...

Answered: Your Voting Experience

Yes i voted in wayland, ma. No problem at the polls

Answered: How will 2012 presidential election results be counted? Is it true a

1980-1992 were very good years in America: we came out of the Carter Malaise and got back to work. Opening of job markets made it possible for me to pursue a Criminal Justice major and Corrections minor in college, and on graduation I went to work at good pay and benefits. In 1992, Clinton was ...
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Normally I'd say ABO (Anybody But Obama) in 2012 ...

In Obama's case, there is no need to choose between incompetence and malice: malicious frauds placed that incompetent in office by means of tombstone votes and outright lies. Here we see the worst of malice, incompetence, and stupidity.

2008 Elections

Oh by the way the lameducks, like to quack about Not What's Obvious, Not Whose On second, at that point there No Way Out, because of some situation 11.02.08

If Republicans are so 'patriotic' why do they intend to gerrymander

Gerrymandering is by definition a Democrat party practice. We made it illegal and now you Democrats are going to prison for gerrymandering. Derek Wilson (sentenced to life in prison for gerrymandering in Omaha, Nebraska which caused the death of four persons) has recently been paroled -- at 76 ...

Is the Presidential Bus Ugly?

Looks good to me. But then, for some reason both my sister and I love buses.