how did the country of Goodwater, Alabama get its name? what time does it get dark in Goodwater, Alabama in December?

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Answered: Steer names

Hot Stuff. Global Warming.

Answered: How do I delete names in the address book more than one at a time.

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I delete a contact in AOL Mail?

Answered: Bikers' favorite time of year besides 4th of July.

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Answered: In what country is Trikit located in?

There's a city in Iraq named Tikrit, is that what you wanted to know about?

Answered: What Country did the name Kane originate from

there's a story in the bible about kane and habel maybe from there? but i'm only guessing its the story about the first murder when kane murdered his brother habel for some disagreement
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What time is the sunset on december 11th, 2014?

That depends on where you are asking about. At the equator it is around 6 pm, but it could be half an hour earlier or later depending on where you are relative to the center of the time zone. In December, north of the equator it sets earlier, south of the equator it sets later.

When I go to aol help, it says Hi Nancy, and that is my wifes name. How

Settings, Expressions, lets you add a name to some of the expressions like "You've got mail". You can change the name or remove it.

Name company

1928300 internet 334

The Enola Gay was the name of the first B-29 to bomb Japan to end WWII

It was tail number 209732-B29-03-04-45, Boeing, Wichita. It was the 32nd aircraft off the Boeing production line that day. Only Colonel Tibbets knew what it was to do.