how did ron woodruff get aids?

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Answered: Why do ALL leftists eat AIDS loaded turds?

Leave it to leftists to make themselves into biological weapons. Maybe if we quarantined the bunch of them we could control the contagion.

Answered: What are indications of aids that a normal person can know that these the

Guide to making an informed decision about over sleep aids and prescription sleeping pills. Learn about types of sleep medications

Answered: I wish Tadpole what she deserves in 2014.

Should everyone get what he deserves? I don't, even tho it often fits MY concept of fairness and justice.

Answered: Sex aid

Goggle it.
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Sorry about the question up there I'm going to erase it, there was a guy same guy but registered twice trying to advertise on this website he had a full ad about shoes and clothes(pictures of clothes) and another one with a link about a diet pill he was trying to sell I guess Yedda got rid of the ...