how did kevin jonas meet dani jonas?

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Answered: Kevin Jonas marries Daniella

The odds are definitely not in your favor. Good luck. LOL

Answered: Are you heartbroken or happy for Kevin Jonas?

I'm happy for him, but i would've liked to get engaged to him myself

Answered: Nick jonas

Nick Jonas is currently unaavailable. He is dating Selena Gomez currently.

Answered: Where is kevin cleef? I'm looking for him.

Damn, Mandy. I'm still looking for Waldo. Best of luck in your quest.

Answered: Jonas Bro's taking their women with!

It might seem like a good idea but it could backfire, especially if one of them breaks up.
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I like Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience

Kevin Jonas getting married?

How cute!!! And Kevin uploaded a video of him proposing to his jjpeg site over at for everyone to see, Danielle has the biggest smile on her face!

How can i meet the jonas brothers

concerts, book signings*, going to airports(buy you'd have to do a little research), do you have any connections?(that always works), radio station contests, idk just being their #1 fan!! =) best of luck! i want to meet them too. my story is that i wanted to meet them at their book signing but i ...