How did George Washington say Americans were to maintain unity and devotion to the ideals of the American Revolution?

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Answered: There are those wo say........

We have a leftist. Of course, leftists are the bitterest of persons and harbor such suspicion that no one can reason with them. Unfortunately, leftists are utterly consumed with hate, suffer the coldest of obsession, are very angry constantly, have no friends, and live lies. They then act out ...

Answered: Native Americans Native Americans in the United States - Wikipedia, the free ...

Answered: Locating Americans Overseas

Call to embassy or the tourist company.

Answered: Are we in for a new American Revolution?

I used to think or even believe that America would have a revolution, but when you look around America what do you see? People would rather kill each other than go up against the government. There's around 117 militia groups in the U.S. If anyone starts a revolution against this government, it will ...

Answered: What is one of the most important differances between a democratic

As far as I know there isnt any thing called a Democratic Republic outside of a comunist country, No where in our constitution does it say the word democracy, We are a Republic. Ben Franklin said this about democracy "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch, Liberty is a ...

Answered: Why did Canada not become part of the United States after the American

The "British subjects" north and west of New England did not have the same attitudes as their neighbours further south...They were content with the way things were and supported the monarchy. They were of the same Stock of Brits, Scots Irish etc. but didn't feel the same.
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