How did charles krauthammer get crippled?

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Answered: Charles krauthammer

He was in an auto accident in 1972 while attending Harvard medical school. Many web sites report that he jumped into an empty swimming pool but that is in error. Originally he was reportedly in a "driving accident" and someone relayed the information a "diving accident". Such is the internet, eh ...

Answered: Charles 1

Because Charles was a King who was funded by Parliament and through only them could he levy taxes so when he dissolved Parliament which he could legally do he tried to raise taxes in other ways which of course led him into conflict with Parliament and Charles's Favourites in Parliament were in the ...

Answered: What's Your Opinion of Charles Barkley?

screw you haters..he had a couple beers then he voices his opinions!what about about arod tipping his hat to the opposing team when he played for texas!Thats criminal-really criminal!Plus chuck could still probably whoop arods azz!

Answered: Leftist liberal fundraisers............

Answered: Karen Leslie Brewer, Holly Hill Rd.,Lake Charles, Louisiana. does anyone

Her name comes up on this site with a Frances Brewer. Also try these web sites:

Answered: When is Charles Taylor next trial?

The best information I could find is this web site.
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Is charles krauthammer paralized?

Yes. He was paralyzed in a diving accident in 1972.

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Thank you for the suggestion; I will give it a try. However, I don't place much confidence in getting an answer from them. Does anyone know if he has an office that would be able to take messages for him or his secretary/assistant's email address or phone number?

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