how did antiquated drama grow?

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Answered: Dramas

There is a lot websites to watch online dramas. but i like because on this website i watch all dramas in HD quality if you like to watch online then watch here your best serial.

Answered: How can i find out who the maker is for a antique german 16 gauge shotgun

If you do have the serial number, but can't find the manufacturers name, look at the barrel closely, perhaps with a magnifying glass. Start at the point where the barrel joins the receiver, and look for any marks stamped into the metal. Some of them will be proof marks, which will give you an idea ...

Answered: What is an antique Pure Milk cooler box worth?

Things like this depend on condition, how bad someone want it and how few are there. You can check places like e bay to see if anyone has one for sale.

Answered: Antique long island duckling porcelain sign value. 1950's 60" dia

The sign is from the 1930's i would estimate the price at $50,000
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Is it a antique

Linda i would need you to look on the bottom of the item and let me know who its made by and any numbers or any other marks that may be there. Also what condition it is in.If and when you send this information back i will try and find out your info for you

I have a Paine antique gun cabinet. The back has ...

Nice to hear you have that thing which i like so much but you should take it otherwise but it is really amazing to have that.

What is this antique? IT is wood and has metal ...

That holds thread for a rug loom.


you can definitely sell antiques online. if they are considered antiques The process If you want to know how to sell antiques and collectibles online, the first thing that you should deal with is the task of observing how online auction websites work. Just like any auction house, online auction ...